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Dispute Resolution Services

Formal dispute resolution can be expensive, time consuming and damaging to reputation. We assist our clients to reach negotiated settlements in a timely manner and seek to avoid formal disputes wherever possible.

Dispute Avoidance

Neil’s range of analytical and evaluation skills in conjunction with his detailed quantity surveying experience enable him to act in an advisory or decision making capacity on any project preferring to adopt a pro-active approach to dispute identification and avoidance as part of a Dispute Avoidance Board/Panel (DAP/DAB), Dispute Resolution Board/Panel (DRB/DRP), or Core Group as a Partnering Advisor.

Expert Witness

Neil provides objective professional services in relation to Expert Witness and Witness of Fact reports. Acting as either Advisor, Single Joint Expert, Part 35 Expert, Shadow or Assessor Neil’s knowledge and experience of real project issues and how they can manifest and be appropriately treated during the life of a project enables Neil to quickly establish a balanced opinion of the issues at hand.

Neil has Masters level (accredited BTEC level 7) qualification as Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE).


As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Neil is able to act as Arbitrator and is registered on the panel of the Business Arbitration Scheme. Arbitration proceedings are confidential and produce a final and binding outcome to a dispute that may be enforced internationally. An Arbitration can only take place with the consent of the parties involved.


As an accredited mediator with the RICS ACRE™ (Analytical Commercial Restorative Expert) Facilitative and Evaluative Mediation programme Neil acts as either Mediator or to support either party through a mediation process. Mediation is a consensual and confidential process that enables parties to reach an agreed settlement, relatively quickly and cheaply and without needing to pursue protracted legal proceedings.


Adjudication is currently the most common formal dispute resolution mechanism in the UK construction industry. In addition to the statutory regime most UK domestic standard forms of construction contract also support adjudication as a form of dispute resolution. The statutory Adjudication provisions apply to all UK Construction Contracts[1] and do not require the consent of each party. Contractual Adjudication provisions may have different requirements.

Neil accepts direct appointments for all dispute avoidance and resolution services or in some instances may be appointed by a professional body.

[1] As defined by the Housing Grants Construction Regeneration Act 1996, as amended